The LinkedIn Insight Tag & Website Demographics

The LinkedIn Insight Tag is a small snippet of code that can be placed on your website to provide additional insights and functionality. The Insight Tag works with 3 key LinkedIn features:

  1. Website Retargeting
  2. Conversion Tracking
  3. Website Demographics

Whilst 2 of these features are LinkedIn Advertising specific, one of them is not.

LinkedIn Website Demographics is a free analytics tool that unlocks deeper insights about your website visitors. It sheds more light on the kinds of professionals that are visiting your website, and enables you to filter your visitor information by a number of criteria including:

  • Job title
  • Industry
  • Job seniority
  • Job function
  • Company
  • Company size
  • Location

Technical Details

The LinkedIn Insight Tag is lightweight piece of Javascript code though also includes a pixel-based solution <noscript> portion. It operates in a similar manner to the Facebook Pixel.

The LinkedIn Insight Tag is lightweight Javascript code that you place across your website. This tag drops a cookie on visitors’ web browsers when they visit your website. The Insight Tag shouldn’t cause additional time for the website page to load.
Security Information

The tag enables the collection of data about members visits to your site, including the URL, referrer, IP address, device and browser characteristics, timestamp and page views. Data is encrypted and de-identified within seven days. De-identified data is deleted within 90 days an only aggregated reports (not personal data) are shared with the website owner.

To install the tag, add it to your global site footer just above the </body> tag on all your pages. Alternatively (and preferably) use a tag management solution such as

When installing remember to:

  • Tag every page on your site
  • Ensure there is no more than one LinkedIn tag per page
  • Use a tag management solution if possible
  • Verify it is working correctly (e.g. using GTM’s preview mode)

LinkedIn Website Analytics

Once configuration your matched audience (“matched size”) will indicate how many visitors have come from a logged in LinkedIn account to your website.

Website analytics will then allow you to filter by Industry, Job Title, Job Seniority, Job Function, Company Size and Location and specific specific time scales.


Regardless of whether you plan to run any LinkedIn Advertising campaigns, install the LinkedIn Insight Tag on your website and get answers to questions including:

  1. Which Industry has looked our website the most in the last 7 days?
  2. What are the top 3 job titles of our website visitors in the last month?
  3. Who are the top 10 companies spending time on our website this week?

Additionally keep in mind that the sooner the tag is installed, the more users will receiving your cookie and the larger your LinkedIn audience size will become for future paid activity.

Stuart Brameld