To use the plugin, install the plugin and activate it via the Plugins page within WordPress.

Setting Fallback Images

Before the plugin will work, you will need to set a collection of Fallback Images.

To do this you will need to go to the media library, select an image, and check the Is fallback image checkbox.

NOTE: When you check the box, wait a moment before moving onto the next image. The AJAX takes a short while to save the setting. Likewise if you move away and come back to an image, you will need to wait a short while for the AJAX to catch up.

Using Fallback Images Globally

Under the WordPress Settings menu option choose the Fallback Post Images sub menu option. This will take you to the settings page. Here you can check the Enable Fallback Images checkbox to make all images without a set featured image fallback to a fallback image.

Global Fallback Images

Check the box below to use a fallback image wherever the WordPress has_post_thumbnail() function is called.

Enabled Fallback Images - On


You can add an image that has a fallback to any template with the get_the_post_thumbnail_fallback() function.

The function accepts the same parameters as the get_the_post_thumbnail() function.