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We're aiming to build long-term relationships with great people that help serve our clients. To date we have never worked with a contractor for a single one-off project.

We value openness, transparency, honesty, attention to detail and no bullshit. We're looking for people with similar values.

How We Work

We aim to make things as easy as possible:

  1. You'll receive our standard contract for electronic signing
  2. You send invoices to our dedicated email address and we'll turn them around quickly (usually within a few days)
  3. We'll pay you however you prefer (Bank Transfer, PayPal, Transferwise), usually within 7 days and often faster
  4. If you need to talk, we're on Slack, Skype, Phone, Email, WhatsApp etc


We know, nobody likes completing a form. We've tried to keep it brief.


  • The Basics

  • Getting To Know You

  • Show Us Your Work

    Share links to sites that showcase your professional works (LinkedIn, past live projects, personal website, GitHub, Twitter, etc.)
  • (inc. showreel, github, dribbble, behance, carbonmade etc)
  • (inc. blog, showreel, github, dribbble, behance, carbonmade etc)
  • References

  • If we decide to work together we'd like to speak with one or two of your previous clients, as a final check. Is that ok?
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