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Gutenberg is the first major feature built entirely on the REST API, so if you are learning things today, learn JavaScript, and I can imagine a future wp-admin that’s 100% JavaScript talking to APIs. I’m excited to see that happen.

JavaScript Packages and Interoperability in 5.0 and Beyond

With Gutenberg, we made the choice to use JavaScript heavily in order build the UI of the editor,
the perfect fit to address the UI and UX challenges of a heavily interactive interface in the browser.
Plugin developers are required to use JavaScript more in order to extend the editor. Most blocks need to be developed using this technology.
two different approaches:
    1. Using untranspiled ES5 code.
  1. Leveraging build tools like babelwebpack… and write ESNext JavaScript code (ES2015 and more).
It’s also important to note that developers these days do not start by learning PHP like we used to do in the past. Most developers learn JavaScript as their first language and this change will make WordPress accessible to a whole new generation of developers.


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  • Laravel created in 2011 by Taylor Otwell
  • WordPress
  • Laravel, now ships with Vue.js
  • Laravel is a PHP based MVC framework
  • Laravel Spark – Stripe/billing, authentication, team billing, backend dashboard etc
  • Good docs & learning

Why Ruby/Rails

  • Rails created by DHH in 2004 for Basecamp
  • Community has Railscasts

Why Javascript

  • React is Facebook’s library and the core of the new WordPress Gutenberg experience
  • React is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces, that is maintained by Facebook as an Open Source project under the MIT license
  • Node.js one language front and back
  • Vue.js only supports server-side rendering using node.js
  • Framework – Adonis, the “laravel” of node.js
  • Matt Mullenweg re Javascript “learn javascript, deeply” &
  • Laravel Spark equivalent? Meteor
  • Developers without previous PHP or Rails experience are more likely to be choosing a full-stack JavaScript environment
  • complexity of tooling and the development environment don’t compare well to Laravel or Rails


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Stuart Brameld

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