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Digital Elite Projects is the best way to increase the effectiveness of your marketing team. Prioritise your marketing initiatives, run data-driven experiments and build repeatable processes to find more customers today.

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Companies like Airbnb, Uber, Netflix, HubSpot and Amazon are investing in similar growth marketing systems.


We help people and teams like you that:

  • Lack a defined system for organising your team and their work for success.
  • Find it increasing difficult to capture attention online
  • Struggle with the rate of change across different marketing channels
  • Are overwhelmed with marketing tactics, ideas, hacks and "quick wins"
  • Struggle to find focus and end up with a "spray and pray" approach of trying to do too much


Benefits of using Amazon S3 include:

  • Reducing the load on the web server by offloading requests for files
  • Unlimited file storage
  • Increased security (files are stored in a non-executable environment)
  • Easier migration between web hosts
  • Simplified scaling
  • Avoid the downfalls of the WordPress media library
  • Store large numbers of files or images in WordPress
  • Store large files or images (web hosting providers often limit file uploads to 50MB)


Easy search

Context specific search, so you will only search within the folder you're in

Access authorisation

Protects your content from being shared or access by unauthorised content by default

Latest security

Utilises the very latest AWS/S3 version 4 signature which is much more secure than previous algorithms, such as version 2, which a number of other S3 integration plugins still use

Super code standards

Compliant with the latest WordPress coding standards. Code is peer reviewed by multiple developers and version controlled using GitHub

Unlimited uploads

No Media Library limit, upload as much as you like, unlike with other plugins that charge per number of items in your media library

Completely free

That's right - there is no paid license option, you get everything. No faffing around with licensing, upgrades, subscriptions

Secure separation

Storage is separate from the Media Library and does not change existing media library. Best suited to those that want a separate, secure area of client, photo or intranet file storage

Seamless integration

WPS3Files doesn't replace the default WordPress media library. Other plugins interrupt core WordPress functions in a way that doesn't always work with other plugins.

Easy to use

Includes a front-end uploader, a simple way for users to upload files to your site via posts or pages. Like your own private WeTransfer.

Uses shortcodes

Leverages shortcodes to give you the ultimate flexibility and customisation. Works across all Posts, Pages, and Custom Post Types

Regular updates

Regularly updated. We generally push out new code updates every couple of weeks, these can include small bugfixes to major new functionality (such as front-end file upload)


If you have questions please email support@digitalelite.co.uk.