1) What competitor analysis tools you used?

2) Which analytics tools do you use e.g. Google Analytics, Google Data Studio, MixPanel, Segment etc?

3) How advanced would you consider your analytics function?

4) How do you study a visitor’s or user’s interaction with your website? If so, how?

5) Have you performed any analysis of your existing customer base in terms of demographics, psychographics etc? If so, what?

6) Do you have buyer personas? When were they last updated?

7) Do you have brand guidelines? When were they last updated?

8) Describe your existing marketing funnel(s)?

9) Leads - number of sessions, conversions, product tours - core metrics?

Data? Who are your existing customers? Access to CRM, sales notes etc

What are your key technology platforms?

Describe your target/ ideal customer

What's been your best performing piece of content, and why?

What does success look like? How are you/your team current measured?